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Shasta Daisies
They blossom robust with lofty petals
of deep yellow and all-white
like the yolk of an egg and milk
They bloom in clumps
rather tall and wide
they light up my summers and fresh falls

With hidden pollen in its yellowish insides
rounded like a disk and yellow like the sun
strikingly vivid and cozily warm.



"This is my family.
I found it, all on my own.
Is little, and broken, but still good.
Ya. Still good.”
- Stitch, Lilo and Stitch

A North Korean man waves his hand as a South Korean relative weeps, following a luncheon meeting during inter-Korean temporary family reunions at Mount Kumgang resort October 31, 2010.

Four hundred and thirty-six South Koreans
were allowed to spend three days in North Korea to meet their 97 North Korean relatives, whom they had been separated from since the war.


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